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Little Disk Cleaner 1.0

It removes unneeded files to free up space and makes windows run faster
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Little Disk Cleaner is a simple application that will help you in removing unnecessary files, freeing up thus some space on your hard drive.
This little application is awesome. It has an intuitive interface, is very easy to use, and provides you with lots of options.
If you are not an experienced user you may just open the program and make it scan your disks, simply by clicking on the appropriate button, and then just selecting to remove the found files.
If you are quite professional, you may adjust the numerous settings of the program customizing thus the full process. You will be able to choose which drive(s) you want to scan (C disk is marked by default), select the mode of removing files from the disk: remove files from hard drive (default and recommended mode), send them to recycle bin, or to the specified folder. Also you will be able to adjust search options and filters, for example, you will be able to choose whether you want the zero length files to be considered as junk files or not, as well as specify folders and files to be scanned. Another option you will be able to specify is the file attributes (hidden, read only, archive, system), the date it was created, modified, or accessed, and its size.
Moreover, the program is set to automatically back up essential system files to prevent your PC from crash, which is also up to you.

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